Gunshops in suffolk?


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Hi there,
I have relocated to suffolk (near needham market) and would like to know if there are any recommended gun shops around. Have tried mallard barn but it's a bit limited as far as rifle stuff goes.
looking for somewhere with a good selection of rifle related things including cleaning products, ammunition etc etc.

all the best,


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Not a lot really Mike, normally if I want anything I get Simpsons of Newmarket to get it in for me. Gave up with mallard barn a while back.......

Riflecraft are just over the border I think?


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Your probably 40ish minutes from Riflecraft , give there new shop a visit ?

​oh and spud !


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riflecraft, trulock and harris at framlinham, and stuart clay traps and woodbridge, i used to live near ipswich, and i like trulock, good lads in there, and will go out there way to help you out


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Mallard are some of the cheapest on bullets around here! Trulock are decent (if a little pricey on clothing) but very good gunsmith work!!


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just over the border in Norfolk

Thetford guns, in Thetford has clothing rifles shotguns and ammo

philip webster at Gt Ellingham, gunsmith/rifle smith, rifles shotguns ammo etc

I personally use philip


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Yep as mentioned, Trulock and Harris in Framlingham, Stuart Clay Traps in Melton nr Woodbridge, Riflecraft in Harleston (Norfolk), The Country Store Pampisford (Cambs), Simpsons Newmarket, Woods of Swaffham.