GWP and hungarian visla pup - adult


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still interested in getting a hwv and a gwp but want to buy from very good working stock, would like to buy fron top breeding in the country or even hungary etc if needed. i know a lot about ess and cockers and labs but nothing about the breeds i want to get into, any info appreciated.

may get a pup or under 2 years but dont want a older dog with issues!!!!!
willing to pay sensible but not over priced for right bitch:cool::cool::cool:


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I have large munsterlanders but still hpr's. Personally I would advise getting a pup at two years I wpd want mine to be pretty much all trained bar getting serious field experience and game craft. You get out what you put in so find a mentor with hpr's whose dogs you think are like you want yours to be and enjoy it.

Not sure what I would choose out if those two breeds, I kust like my black and white harries too much to consider change.


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thank for ur input, i can train ess cockers or labs to a good standard had working dogs for 20years so not to worried about training a pup etc just need good honest info on prdigree lines etc and what to buy????


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Not going to tell u how to suck eggs but i'm sure u will be amazed at how different they can be to train, althou i'm sure u'll cope no problems thou

Wot are u wanting it for birdy/pointing work or even FT's or purely for deer? It might alter the type of lines breeding u would want

Ur best bet would be to speak to as many breeders and trainers as possible, get along to FT's or training events etc and speak to folk and watch the dogs work.
FT's are always good as u can see the dogs working and the pedigree in the schedule so u will soon know wot lines u like