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highland stalker

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Evening all,

As a few of you will from previous posts I was lucky enough to get myself a GWP bitch puppy a few months ago. She is coming on well considering how timid she was when I got her and I am very happy so far.

Has anyone got any good training tips or advice that they would like to pass on which may help the cause?

I am hoping to get down for a session with Tom Brechney sooner rather than later when work will allow. I have spoken to him on the phone and I am looking forward to it. Sadly there were not many responses from people closer to home but Tom is certainly known to be one of the best so hopefully the journey down will be worth it.

All help and advice greatly appreciated.



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Hi HS,

no experience of GWP's per se although my Slovak is allegedly 1/3rd GWP. I had problems with him early on regarding recall as he would often be 3 fields away following scent and obviously completely pi**ed on scent ! Hence recall at that point was never going to happen.
I spoke to someone on my shoot who has trained many FTC spaniels and labs. He gave me the following advice.......when you're out on a walk the dog is hunting (he's hard wired for this and can't help himself) and if you don't join in he rapidly thinks you're crap at hunting and will do his own thing and ignore you. Normality is resumed when you get home as he sees this as your turf and you're the boss !!
The remedy for me was to never let him off the lead unless he's working for he's brilliant on recall to the whistle as he spends all his "walks" retrieving and hunting for stuff that I've dropped and hidden whilst he's retrieving other stuff.
Wise words that have really helped....he was quite a handful as a pup and once his brain is tired he's happy to sleep for the rest of the day.
Hope this helps and good luck.
Regards Rob.


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I echo what Rob says, when you are out with a young dog you should maintain contact with it at all times. It will be you that decides when to allow more liberty rather than the pup taking it! It may be said that the pup may become over dependent and "clingy"
I have had GWPs for over 30 years and never had any problem getting them to out to hunt. If the pup is from reliable working stock, the instinct will be in it, what we have to do is adapt it to our needs.