Had a lesson in not rushing and being a ****head

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Set off this morning bright and early (well dark and early to be fair) arrived on my ground and set off, gentle stroll up a track and caught sight of a Buck and Doe (Roe) tearing round like loons in the small plantation, they then disappeared. Carried on and 5.40am creeping along a hedge line caught sight of 3 roe, doe, fawn and a youngish buck, not the greatest head on him so decided to take him.

Lined him up, bang "good shot reload!" he took a few steps and down he went, took a slow amble round to him, gralloch and into a sack. :D

About 8am packed up, set a few squirrel traps and then had a couple of calls to do on way home, 2 wasps nests and 3 moles later Im at home and the chiller is playing silly beggers so decided to skin and butcher the buck sharpish.

Skinned out the hind quarters and Ive still no clue how I managed it, except I was holding a knife when I shouldnt have been, next thing Im thinking christ my legs wet, look down tear in trousers, blood down to my boots. 5 inch clean slice right next to the knee, belted into house grabbed a clean tea towel and old belt and rang the quacks, our village nurse used to be in a and e so 12 stiches, a tetenus jab and course of anti biotics later and Im back home to a fly blow buck :(

Still he is now going to the local wolf trust so at least the wolves will be happy and he wont be wasted.

So dont rush folks it just aint worth it :-|

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Sorry to hear of your accident, but I appreciate your passing it on as a cautionary tale. I hope the gash heals up nicely, but remember, we don't need pictures. :eek:
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