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Rob Mac

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I know I run the risk of ridicule making this post, but if it can help someone else avoid the situation then it’s got to be worth it…

Whilst the deer I shoot don’t have many ticks on them, there are always a few keds. I hang my deer in a lean-to during the winter, using a length of cord to hang them from a beam. What I realised this year is that the keds crawl up the carcass, up the back leg and then onto the cord and wait for me to come back in again. Then as I brush by they climb on board, usually ending up in my hair.

A word of advice: Don’t whatever you do, pull a ked from your hair at the dinner table. Leave the table and deal with it elsewhere. I think it’ll be months before my wife comes anywhere near me again.




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Please package some up and send them to me....she is getting broody! And might just save the snip!!!


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Steyr 243 and Tika 308 will be very jealous! If a ked landed on their heads it would slide straight off, it would be like a Ked winter Olympics! :lol: Don't worry chaps, 'Bald is beautiful'! :eek: :confused:


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I have heard that some of the Midland bunch are folically challenged, never mind ;) Just tell Mr B its a Solar Panel for a Sex Machine :lol:


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There was a time when I was able to keep a comb in full time employment, but now it's just on a part time basis. Following the inevitable remarks from caring friends about my new emerging skin, I pointed out to them that grass does not grow on a busy street. Then one of the smart arses replied in double quicktime, that it does not grow in a desert either. :eek:



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I`d like to post a reply, but i`m having trouble seeing the screen; this great mop of hair keeps falling across my eyes!! :D


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tika.308 said:
me and steyr243 have the same problem :lol: ,i think i will get a perm to keep it out of my eyes :lol: :lol:
and a blue rinse to boot, atleast you wont look like ronald anymore,

i gave bernad a clip the other day, bit of glue mate ,and you could look as if you are not a day over forty :evil:

if you shaved off all your hair that should prevent any further keds moving in, and perhaps offer your hair for sale in the classifeids, i know 2 members that may be interested :lol:

Heym SR20

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All I would say is don't wear shorts whilst walking through heather during the tick season.

They crawl up your legs and ............................................


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Hi Rob,
I'm ignoring all the hair jokes( I keep my hat on in the trophy room).

I had the same last Fallow rut, most of my ground is ked free so I'm not used to seeing them but I shot a Fallow Buck up on some ground I've got by Gloucester loaded him up, took him home and put him in my fridge. Next morning in my tidy work clothes I went to load him up to drop him at the Dealers on the way to work. I've never seen so many keds before he was plastered and as you said they were all up by the hocks. I didn't want to go to work covered in keds so I found a silage bale bag and wrapped him up tight and loaded him in my pickup and I'm slightly embarrassed to say dropped him of at the dealers still packed without saying a word because I knew full well that the two young lads who got the job of skinning were not very enthusiastic about creepy crawly things on deer. When ever I go there now i try to avoid them :oops:


Rob Mac

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Hi Wayne

I stalk in the Cotswolds, not far from Gloucester. The deer are never heavily infested with ticks, but always have keds. At least with keds you know they're on you and are easy to locate once they start to move.

They don't carry any nasty diseases thankfully, unlike those horrible little ticks.



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My 4 year old son made me laugh one day as my OH was sitting in the living room watching tv with him these keds started to fall from my OH's hair my son turned around to his dad and said "dad you got big nits " and went off screaming . :lol: :lol: :lol:
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