Hampshire Credit where due


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I could not believe this, but it is true, last week, If I recall correctly, I sent a variation to Hampshire Constabulary on 26th April. On the 27th I received an e-mail,they said I needed to pay for the variation as I was doing more than a one for one. I questioned this via e-mail during that evening, as I was reducing my requirements. On the morning of 28th I had another e-mail from the Hampshire firearms department, apologising, telling me I was correct and nothing to pay, happy days. On Tuesday 2nd May, I received a phone call, just confirming I had sold/disposed of my old rifle etc, which I confirmed. Today I received my new certificate, all correct, with permission to acquire my new .308 rifle, sound moderator and ammunition etc. So that process took one week, including a bank holiday. WELL DONE Hampshire Firearms Licencing Department. First Class service, my grateful thanks.


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Is it just me or did anyone else detect a quantum shift in attitude when contacting them by telephone?
I have always had polite responses from them in the past, but recently I am sure I detect a happier atmosphere in the office when calling, more of a chat than a conversation.
If so, I am pleased (for them as well as ourselves). Long may it continue.


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supposed to have switched over to a more computer bases system
Friend was told he was one of the last being pushed thro in the old way last month