Hampshire get together?


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Hi all,

There was some talk about a get together of the Hampshire contingent on one of the new guys introduction threads so thought I'd get a thread going on it.

Location wise would a pub Winchester work? Thats fairly central to the whole county so hopefully would work for most people.

And date wise can I propose Saturday 15th October?

Let me know what you think and hopefully we can get something sorted!

White Hart

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Id love to come along but off to Scotland stalking leaving very early doors on the Sunday morning so recon Id have to give it a miss...

Hope to make the BASC evening on the 13th Sept at Sparsholt though.



The Singing Stalker

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I had been thinking similiar. I was going to suggest the cricketers inn, Easton, for the reason of being central.
i can't make that weekend anyway. I can do the weekend before.
and out of interest these things usually get organised to be held during the week. Probably so everybody can go stalking over the weekend.

err, that sounded rude. Not intended to be.
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Somewhere in Winchester sounds good to me.

Although weekends aren't ideal, many people if not stalking, may well have a shoot on as that is the start of the season, so mid-week gets my vote I'm afraid.


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Unfortunately as my wife is recovering from a replacement hip operation I will not be able to make it :cry: