Wanted: Hampshire syndicate/stalking


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Hi all,

Now that we've finally bought a house and we know where we'll be for the foreseeable future, I'm keen to find some local stalking rather than flogging all over the country. Really don't want to muscle in on anyone's parade but if you've got some ground and you'd like to share costs, time, etc. please let me know. We're near Alresford and I'm happy to look at anywhere in Hants. Please PM me if this might be interesting.

All best,


Hope you are settling in well.

I'm in Alresford fairly regularly - every couple of months and we should compare notes as I've been looking at helping out on estates near by (with no luck so far). Jelen are a good bet for a professional outfit as are Shavesgreen who made these great "Passion for Deer" series on YouTube that is worth googling.