Hancock Resignation


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Boris tells all, the new Musical a true Tammy Wynette fan, "Stand by your man" or A Jim Reeves fan "He's got to go"
I just hope they look deep into all this Nepotism thats gone on, especially with the contract awards.
The Bobbin Rastards


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Depressing that after a lengthy catalogue of extremely serious errors resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths; lying to cabinet, PM and nation; serious financial impropriety, and fraudulently placing extremely stringent restrictions on the public - it is something as trivial as an affair which he resigns over.


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Any SD members or family's not had or offered the Jab with the vaccine roll out?

Very grateful for both of mine with only a 2hr headache with the first one.



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hardly “party” related. They’re all as bad as each other

If my post implied that it was "party specific" then I apologise - it was not meant to.

I think I just hanker for the "good old days' when those who transgressed (on all sides) resigned or retired quickly and quietly - not wait until they were 'forced" into doing so.


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May I remind people that this site is a Deer Stalking site. One post removed which is not the sort of post for this site, any such further posts will be removed along with the member.
Thank you
No surprise who's post was removed either! :thumb:
My old Sergeant Major used to say that 5% of the soldiers took up 95% of his time. I think that's probably standard across life really?
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