Hannoverian/Bavarian puppys ready in 4 months


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Hi Guys

Evar has been at it again this time with Lola's sister. A litter will be due in 2 months ready to go in 4.
Parents/grandparents working stock. Evar side full working pedigree for 10 generations (Leistungszucht). References available
Can be seen at any time on the estate tel:Martin Wojahn 07976718382.



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Thats not fair, there is no way I can persuade the other half we need two of them!

Here are a couple of Pics of Gabi, Lola's bitch pup:



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you still got those blooming trainers on
time to get a pair decent of boots to go with the decent dog of yours, or i can always lend you a pair :lol: :lol:
how are you getting on with the training ? as that is a cracker you hav
Told my other half to look at this posting to try and get her to give in to pressure, but 2 springers , 2 kids and another pup. What do you think the answer was. :( :(
Even tried ' it's my birthday next month '

Met with an even more convincing F**k O*F.
So I think I might be waiting a while

Cracking looking dogs guys
Don't think they will hang about long
All the best