hardy gen 4 moderator


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hi folks anybody on here have one of these in the scottish borders/ north northumberland area? I'm very intrested in seeing one in the flesh and in action if possible before parting with the kids inheritance!


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unfortunatly Im not in the borders but mid yorkshire. i can tell you if you want a mod to be reasonably efficent and yet so light it does not ruin the balance you will not be dissapointed
I now pick up my rifle with it on as a matter of course and have a second on order for the 243 they make carrring the rifle barrel up possible again even freehand shots possible without being a weightlifter..


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bought one a few weeks ago, amazing! just cant get my head round how light it is! you would think its made of plastic!!
it feels half the weight of my third eye spartan & its quieter too! it also has a sort of built in muzzle brake. i'm totally converted & i've used a few different mods over the years.
not strippable though..

I. Farticus

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+1 on everything already said, and it weighs 55% less than my previous T8...

Where are you relative to Macleod's of Tain as they are dealers for Hardy mods.


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I have one for my 308 and use the same mod on my 6mm . As the others have said
the weight saving is the big plus. But its no t8 from a sound suppression view point maybe 65-70% as efficient . Both of these rifles are heavy barrels so for hunting a big improvement . I suppose when you are shooting one or two shots on an outing it's not going to matter much. But i Don't think either are a substitute for some hearing protection.

SA shooter

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I have the Gen 4 on my .308 it's a good weight but in the front of the mod. is what they call a muzzel break design :doh: facing the wrong way so my rifle have gained a little recoil from the last mod I used.