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I. Farticus

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I got mine from Emmett & Stone in Marlow, Bucks but any RFD should be able to supply if you don't want to go direct to Riflecraft...

Great mod by the way



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Picked my Hardy GEN IV up on Saturday, my local RFD ( Rakers in West Sussex) ordered it in for me directly from Riflecraft. Great looking piece of kit!

paul o'

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yup cock up i' just emailed hardy to move to the usa so as to correct this feller. also to find out if thay do make a spiggot 17x1 !
as my arms are feeling like popeyes legs due to this brick of a aut8 haggin off the end at the mo,

Must have got on wrong plane if in US! Hardys come from NZ, so check it's passport when it rocks up, as it's been sat on a beach on hols
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