Harkila skane or Napier razorback stalker rifle bag!


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+1 on the razorback, owned one for a while now and very pleased. Not cheap but quality kit that lasts and protects the rifle well, but not the lightest. Haven't seen the harkila model.


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As coincidence would have it, I bought the Harkila Skane a few weeks ago. My local RFD had some on the hanger otherwise I wouldn't have known they existed.

Previously, I had been using reasonable quality rifle slips which I had from my airgun days but was always concerned that they didn't offer enough protection against knocks. The Skane has a lot of substantial padding in the bag which holds the rifle in place when the zip is closed. There is plenty of space spread across several compartments in the side pocket. The bag can be carried by the handles, by one strap or by two straps as a rucksack. If the long straps are not required they can be detached on one end and stuff into a long zippable pocket.

It's had a lot of use in crappy weather so far and I'm pleased with it. It seems rugged, so I expect it to last.