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I know this isn't Facebook, but to play away against Bristol Bears who had been Premiership leaders since Week 6, having relieved our DOR of his duties back in January when we were 7th/8th, to be 28:5 down at halftime and to come away with a 36:43 win, to go to our first Final in 9 years needs recognition...

Gutted that the RFU cancelled my tickets to the Final due to revised Covid restrictions!!!

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I. Farticus

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From a beard fan who was there the best team won . It was ours to win but the Quinn’s wanted it more . Well done 👍
You put up one hell of a fight. Small mistakes made the difference. We're going to struggle against Chiefs next week, not least because they had a much shorter match! Thanks and look forward to next season when we all give Sarries a kicking!!


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Tremendous performance by Quins. 👍

I am a Chiefs fan from well before the Premiership, but this will be the first final for the Chiefs that I have missed, sadly.

Let’s hope for a great occasion, and a keenly fought encounter. The Premiership final is a great occasion, where fans from all the clubs wear their club colours, and sit, stand and drink side by side, with not a hint of trouble. It’s when the true rugby fans come out…….A shame another sports supporters could not behave the same.

Obviously hugely bias, but Quins will do well to beat Chiefs next weekend, but if they do, I will be the first to raise a glass in congratulations. 👍😀🏉🏉🍻🍻

Dorset Shakari

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What a game! Having supported Bristol through some tough times in the past 20 years it was a tough result, but Quins deserve the glory for their magnificent performance.
Unlike some bitter folk, I also support other West Country teams, and I hope Exeter go on to lift the trophy.

I. Farticus

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Tickets booked :D We'll probably get spanked by Exeter, but I'll be there and that's enough for me

Not sure how I feel about Sarries coming straight back, but they've paid the penalty given, so it is what it is


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I may have been a brilliant game but it’s just a money spinner to finish 4 and win the league is a joke .
Well done to Quins though.