Harold the hairy hare!


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Good old Puss, never know what they will do next. Good photos Dom



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Yes that is the best pic too the all important eyes are clear and well focused,the other photos lack this slight detail and the B+W reduces the impact of the grass stalk in front.

Great pic mate.


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Superb pictures! Have you ever called a hare in? I've done it a lot just to have a closer look at them. They're one of my favourite UK animals. If you suck the palm of your hand to make a 'distressed rabbit' sound chances are a hare will come screaming in to have a look. If you're well-enough hidden, and the wind's in your favour they'll come in to within feet of you :thumb:


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Great pic Dom, I regularly get them feeding around the motor when I am set up for foxing on one particular farm, I get the feel they have been resident for years.


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Lovely pictures.

If you ever think of printing some off on a decent sized photo paper (A4 or larger) to raise some cash for yourself or your favourite charity then please put me down for a copy of the B&W one.

Several of my permissions have a very healthy hare population and they regularly come close for a look-see - even after I've fired a few shots. I have even shot (well) over their heads at rabbits & foxes and they just look around and carry on.

Nobody I know shoots them. Lovely creatures.


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I've been clay pigeon shooting a few times over the last month & at 2 different grounds when I've arrived at the rabbit stand there's been a hare sitting perfectly still in front of it (I'm usually first to go round). The first time I thought it was a stuffed or model one to show what the stand was; I got quite a start when it turned it's head to look at me. They seemed pretty chilled about me being there & I had to shoo them both away.