Harris bi-pod.


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Just wondering if any one knows what the gold keyring thing is for on the bipods!! Thanks.

Offroad Gary

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not sure about that but there might be someone on this site who knows about the gold rivet thing, often found at the bottom of a ship :lol:


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Hang it up on a wall or tree when you want a rest?

I heard about the golden rivet, my best mate joined the navy when he was 16 and he had funny look in his eye first time he cam back on leave :eek:


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gold keyring

No boubt ill be corrected if im wrong.Ive just looked on mine and would say its nothing more than a way of stopping the stud clip from detatching when the bi pod is taken off the rifle :confused:


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My guess is, if you have a dog lead clip on your sling, it attaches to the split ring??


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Just looked at mine,

I would think it's a cheapest way of preventing the locking lever being pulled back through. A pivot is required to enable fitting of the bi-pod attachment lugs, to manufacture a pivot method using fixed fulcrum would be more expensive than drilling a hole in a piece of metal that's already there and then fitting a 0.1 pence copper split ring. I would also suggest that a split ring is used as this will catch on nothing, unlike a split pin, that could and inevitably would catch on grass/heather etc....

Cheap but effective.



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Buckden , worried about you ! :lol: ! wasnt it at the bottom of the apple barrel!!!
anyway Duncs not a bad question have oft pondered the reasoning for the
said ring , have given it a tug or two but no ideas, so there must be a bright spark out there that is willing to share wisdom of the ring. If not I am in trouble coz I got 3 8)


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tartin got my money along with Martin,It pays to investigate the little things.I have a vision off all harris owners saying , course I knew what the thingy was for, although as usual it was a thingy we all knew and nodded at the gunsmith at the point of sale , else we looked like Twxxts!!!.