Harris, versa or £atlas£??????


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I'm in the market to replace my 9-12" harris with something a bit smaller as I find it awkward to get a good lean? In a prone postion, I wanted something a bit more low profile than the harris afet having those edges digging in to my shoulder for so long! Can anyone give any info on the above bipeds? Atlas is probably goin a bit over budget! Goin on a tikka t3 varmint


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Ive used harris for 15 years plus and the pod has never stuck in my shoulder, near the front of the pod between the legs is another hole for a sling attachment, harris and many others make a br pod,6"×9".the versa is floppy unless it has a tension thing on it so you can tighten and swivel is much better, they are a standard length aswell, longer than you want, the atlas you have to lean into to take up all the slop in all moving parts, ive not used one myself but learnt from others, there is a video on utube that shows this and how to improve a very expensive bipod, if you are not happy with the harris type pod you are stuffed mate, atb swaro


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Harris = very good
atlas = better

you need to lean into any bipod if you can. Have a Google search about a guy called froggy and an article bugholes from a bipod. Good hints in the article


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Putting your shoulder in to the butt and keeping a bit of pressure against I would say is leaning into it, I dont think anybody in our club has a atlas pod, I would of tried one by now otherwise.