Has anybody used these or a member??

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sussex lad

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Been put onto these by a mate,
And as i have no stalking local and shortage of other types of shooting i thought this may be a answer.
Has anybody used or heard of these before i part with some hard earned cash.
Or does anyone have any other suggestions for me on the south coast?


Yes i have used this service, not for the stalking but for the rough shooting.

When i booked a plot of land for the day, half way through the day i bumped into the land owner who said that the "Agreement" between him and the owner of "shooting.sh website" had ended nearly a year ago due to un paid dues......

But that is just my experience...........everyone has an opinion.

Goodluck with the search for stalking ground.


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Hi there
I sympathise with your experience Sauer I have been a member for a long time the guy who runs it is a great bloke I really like him, however sometimes land does come and go, however if you read the conditions of the syndicate it clearly states you contact the land owner before going on the land, firstly out of courtesy to let them know you are there and secondly to check for this type of problem.. :rolleyes:
I am in the stalking side and several other members on here are also it is good value for money but remember this is value rather than exclusivity, you have to be prepared to give and take a bit ..it's not for everyone.
Sussex Lad PM me if you want a chat


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`susex lad` was lucky he wasn`t done for armed trespass !
If you are in a legal syndicate you should not need to ask such questions of the owner, also if an owner has sold or given away shooting rights he abrogates any right to be thus consulted.

I have free vermin shooting on about 22 farms and always go and see the farmer or owner each Xmas to see if I am still welcome the following year.
An odd farmer or so plies me with evil spirit at Xmas and some with free free-range eggs throughout the year for services rendered.
[When I say `plies me with evil spirit` I mean by a bottle and not by a glass as I do not drink and drive.]



Looks like you will need to check before you go . I know that doesn't suit every one as most times the land owners cant be contacted holidays work commitments etc. But i know if i had paid money and found that i was not on permission . I would have taken it further .Stag is right you could have lost everything and ill bet Shooting sh would have looked the other way.

Your a lucky lad and should be very wary next time you join a syndicate that is that big.

paul k

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It may well be that this guy has cleaned up his act but when I checked this out some years ago I was extremely concerned about the casual nature of the booking system. There did not seem to be any co-ordination to avoid multiple stalkers and no management plan. It struck me that you could turn up without knowing who else was out on the ground shoot what you wanted and go home.

I also know for a fact that one of the pieces of ground advertised as exclusive in the stalking portfolio is let by the gamekeeper on a day basis just by telephoning him and it's a lot cheaper.

Looking at the website it seems that he may have cleaned up his act a little in respect of booking and management. I'm not sure that there are a lot of deer on some of the ground advertised but that is another issue.

However the same guy runs a similar fishing syndicate and certainly has been guilty of selling his members fishing that he gets by virtue of being in a number of clubs, either by fishing his membership rod or by getting guest tickets both of which are a fraction of what a syndicate member is charged. No mention of this is made in their publicity and the impression is given that these are exclusive waters. I discovered the con because he was advertising fishing on a river that I know very well and I just did not recognise the fishing he was claiming as being his own. When challenged and pressed to identify the water he finally admitted it.

This may not in itself be illegal or against the rules of the clubs but a number of angling clubs in North Wales where he is based have refused to have him as a member and also refused to allow him access to their waters even as a guest of a member.

You have to make up your own mind and he may well offer good value for money to members of the stalking syndicate, all I'd say is be very careful before you sign up and also afterwards.


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Stag it is part of the syndicate rule you let the land owner know you are on his land I was brought up to be courteous and I consider it the correct thing to wander up to the farmer and say hi I am going to be in a particular location shooting also safety factors are to be considered.
I have several bits of land I shoot on we always call on the land owner if only to pass the time of day. :D

If it doesn't suit you don't bother I couldn't give to hoots either way it suits me and to be honest it's getting boring had this conversation many times before. :rolleyes:
I am a member happy to speak with anyone about it, no one has ever bothered to take me up on this offer so this alone speaks volumes, I know several other members of this forum are also in the syndicate and its not peferct but for the shooting I get its value for money and also the FLO was happy to grant my FAC on it alone no silly conditions.
So what else can I say .. :cry:


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I must say it makes me rather uneasy when I hear of folk joining these syndicates and then turning up to stalk and finding out after they have been out that they no longer hold the permission :eek:

Stag is correct, you could be done for armed trespass, on the other hand I also agree with Leagle in that reporting to the landowner prior to going out is also a sensible thing to do. Although it is not always practicle to do so.

However if you are part of one of these syndicates you should have a written contract naming the ground and the owners name, address and full contact numbers, these should be up to date, and who ever is organising such permission should be responsible for carrying this out.

Clearly this is not the case from what I read, and then this puts the onus back on you with the rifle on land you have no right to be on. I am sure these syndicates if properly MANAGED and RUN can be most useful for people looking to stalk on their own and gain more experience. However it is wise to be cautious with these organisations as it could be a quick fix money making scheme with no thought for your well being as a member or to your pocket either, and maybe your FA certificate.

Be careful, check thoroughly first, ask for references, walk two or three areas and ask to speak to the landowner. Thats my advice.


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True, you could be done for armed tresspass but you'd have a strong defence in that you were acting in good faith, had a contract with another to stalk there and had not been informed you could no longer stalk there.

Did you not have to book with the guy in question first and did he not tell you?

On a more general note, you could check with the landowner each time you go - but what upsets lease holders more than anything else ? you got it - guests going behind their back to the landowner.

I'm in a fishing syndicate and don't check with landowner before I go, and on the Tyne you can get prison time for poaching salmon so were talking serious as well.

Bottom line is you have to be able to trust the person who gives you 'secondary' permission - if you ask to check the paperwork you are saying you don't trust them, and if they say no and you do go the land owner without telling them what are the chances of getting invited back?

It's hobson's choice really.


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My biggest concern is there doesn't seem to be any systems in place for the deer management side of things.
You pay your money turn up to land you haven't been on before[ another issue altogether],and take a beast.
Where are the management plans with this sort of set up.
I thought stalking is mainly about management.
Safety.... if you haven't been to a piece of land how do you know where the safe shots could be taken,backstops, houses ,fotpaths etc.
I know you can look at maps , google earth just seams a bit messy.
Sorry if this offends the members of such 'syndicates' but it's just my observations from looking at the web pages.



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Ok this how it works with the syndicate I am in Shooting .sh, when you join you are given a cd with maps of all the current land on it, along with the contact details of all the land owners or agents.

If you want to shoot you must first book the land at least 24 hours in advance, I have actually called on the day and gone but that is an exception not the rule as I am now on very good terms with the owner.

The reason you book ahead is there are quite a few members and if everyone turned up at one piece of land all the same time it just wouldn't work.

It is not perfect, doesn't work for everyone but if you can be flexible it can be a great way to get some shooting if you are struggling and we have also met some great folk on the get together days when we have walked up days .. pay your money take your choice .. :lol:

As for the stalking side well you have to record the animals you shot and report back when where and what, so it can be managed by the owner.
It might be about management to some people but to me it's just for sport, no different to any other shooting I do, sorry if this offends the highly principled amongst us I do it for fun and like to eat the deer. :p
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