Has anyone flown into Dubai at all


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I have a few times , fantastic huge airport , allways had an expensive breakfast from one of the expensive food places that are upstairs :) I can't afford much else that's on offer

I. Farticus

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Before the career change, I was flying into Dubai airport once a month... However, this is flying into Dubai itself!!! Recognised a few hotels that I've stayed in, but not seen them from those angles. These boys are mental!!!


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I have a son working out there so fly in about once a year, blooming expensive place - even with a son in the catering trade!!

These guys need sectioned BTW


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Used to live there. Not been back since I left three years ago. seen a fair few of the wing suit brigade die over the last few years living in Chamonix. Not quite the full schillings.


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Used to fly a B767 into Dubai, then an A320 . Last time I flew into Dubai was about 12 years ago. Same as any other airport.


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That's brilliant, what a way to see a city. Been there twice and the constant haze is all I can really remember