Has anyone tried Milfoam Barrel Cleaner


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As the title, has anyone tried this Milfoam barrel cleaner? Someone has given me a small tin as a sample so before I start spraying it all over the shop I was just wondering if anyone has tried this stuff?


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I have found spray carburator cleaner does a pretty good job, just use a bore guide to spray it in from the breech.



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Isn't Milfoam the same as Forrest bore foam? If so, don't get it anywhere near anything plastic.

Carburettor cleaner is great on carbon, but doesn't do much for copper.
Wipe-out is still probably the best all-round cleaner IMHO


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Sorry, late comment: Forrest used to be issued by For. Comm. but that may have changed, also recommended by Border Barrels. Claimed to be environmentally benign and consequently used by by various services for stuff big enough to need a lanyard. I've used it for several years......easy, works, no complaints. Plastics safe? I don't know, I'm careful with it.