Has anyone used Vitahvouri N560 for 243 or 6.5x55


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Has anyone used Vit N560 in either a 243 or 6.5x55.

Reading through the ballistic tables on there website, shows good results in both calibres, with 100 grain for the 243 and 120 grain for the 6.5.

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Has anyone used Vihtavuori N560 for 243 or 6.5x55

Hi Sikaside, have used the above in both calibres.

6.5x55 Hornady 129 grain bullet. have loaded between 46 and 49.4 grains N560.

.243 Sierra 85 grain bullet. loaded with 45 grains N560

.243 Sierra 100 grain bullet. loaded with between 44 and 45.5 grains N560

These all gave good accuracy with no pressure signs. However, consult the Vihtavuori manual and work up a load for your rifles. Mid range usually gives the best accuracy.