Hats off to Rob


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Well I have to say that this site now seems to be going from strength to strength. It is great to see so many stalkers helping those who are new to the game or are looking for people to take them out to gain more experiance.

Rob you should be well chuffed my friend, well done, I know we have the re occuring idiot, but thats his problem. But I think ladies and gentlemen that this site is a great asset to stalking/hunting and it gladdens my heart to see so many people helping each other out.

Well done Rob you should be proud of what you have achieved, look forward to seeing you soon as well I hope.

Sorry guys off to Dorset tomorrow, take a few japs out hopefully!!!! Tora Tora.

Andy L

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Totally agree with you.
I have visited and posted on all of the other sites for a while and have now all but given them up. This forum is streets ahead due to the people that are all contributing on it and helping each other out.
Well Done Rob!!


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'Bonsai'! Malc! :lol:
I totally agree with the above in all respects. I'm glued to the bloody site! I should be getting some sleep as I'm off stalking early tomorrow and sunday. But I'm here again! :???:
The thing is, everyone I have met and spoken to on this site is really helpful and down to earth. Some of the other sites have got some right funny buggers on them, 'dodgey poacher types!'
Here you can have a laugh as well as learn a bit. It can only get better, BASC and BDS could learn a thing or to from this site.


Andy L

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Actually Beowolf, you have just made me realise how much time I end up spending on this site. Every time I walk past the computer I have to check in and see what is happening. I guess I have Rob to blame for this.

What is it you said on another thread. 'Hi, my name is steve and I am an alcoholic.' For me it would have to be 'Hi, my name is Andy and I am addicted to the bloody stalking directory!'

I am not sure the wife likes you much Rob!


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I think one of the good things about this site, along with one or two others on t'internet, is the fact that people new to the sport, and guns in general, can ask questions and feel they are not going to get a bruising. We do get bored from time to time with a multi named prat, whose only ambition in life seems to be ruining things for other people, but other than that it is a good place to be.

A great site with a great bunch of characters, some of whom I am looking forward to meeting when they come to the far North seeking Sika in a few weeks.



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I'm not really an alcofrolic! :rolleyes: I've logged on because the Muntjac aren't playing today, little sods! :mad: Pitch black and mist all around and I'm as quiet as a mouse. All of a sudden 20 yards away,
'bark bark bark bark'! %$£*&"£X Muntjac! I saw three in total but they all saw me first. These are special 'Viet-cong' muntjac.
Its no good I'll have to build some towers from which to bring down death and distruction on them from up on high!

Anyway back to the subject, this site is great to just log on and moan about deer, the wife doesn't understand. :(


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couldn't agree more with whats been said here, it's a great site l find it compulsive to look in when ever l get the chance, l do look at a couple of the others but this site knocks the spots of them.

Well done Rob long may it continue.


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My wife says that this site is great because she always knows where I am. Its like a big creche for stalkers! :lol:
I've just been on the phone to Rob and he has been telling me just how many people use this site. That is apart from those of us who post, there are hundreds of stalkers who pop on to the site for ten minutes at a time, have a read of whats new and log off. I hope that Rob will post the actual figures on the site, it will make interesting reading.
I think that this site can only get bigger and better, we may even have to get our own beer tent at the CLA Game Fair next year at this rate! :eek: :D

Rob Mac

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Shame on you Beowulf!

Beer tent at the CLA. We wouldn't want them cramping our style - we'll have our very own show and lease out a pitch to them!



PS. Thanks for all the support. Not wishing to dwell on the obvious, but this site is only as good as its contributors - and we've got many good ones. I set up the site not because I know a lot about deer and stalking, but because I wanted to find out. It's working.

paul k

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I look at a fair number of stalking, hunting and fishing sites and there are far less idiots on this site than any of the others and more simple good honest advice with no agendas - well done everyone, keep it going.


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theres not many days i miss in a week with out getting on here and i learn something every time.i think thats a good idea beowulf about us all meeting up at the cla or somewhere,i cant wait to tell you all when i get my first deer.well done rob keep up the good work its great on here.


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paul k said:
I look at a fair number of stalking, hunting and fishing sites and there are far less idiots on this site than any of the others and more simple good honest advice with no agendas - well done everyone, keep it going.
I am so sorry - I didn't realise you were missing me - I will try and add one or two posts on here just to keep the balance between forums fair and square.


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Rob, If I were you I'd organise a meet and great for the forum user's and cash in all these 'pats on the back and warm hearted appreciation for long cool pints of beer'!
You'll be as p1ssed as a west country cider house rat! :D

Is the reloading day still on in May?