Have people seen the following

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Many culls have started in recent weeks, as the season for deer runs from November until the end of March.

Does it? :confused: Especially when it says the main problem are Muntjac.

I'm also a little concerned about the line "In some areas, current culling practices are totally unacceptable in a civilised society. We are extremely concerned that some culls are of pregnant deer and hinds when they are feeding calves." That sounds like little like sensationalism and scaremongering from Animal Concern, although I'm glad the article at least tries to balance it out with a quote from the Deer Initiative.

"But deer management is a very gradual game and it takes a long time to get it right. What no one wants is to be indiscriminate. We need to carry out monitoring and research as well. We are not simply interested in culling, for culling's sake."

I suppose all in all its an article that doesn't sound too negative - if they wanted, the journalist could have put a far worse slant on it!



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It won't be 5 minutes before they are around your permissions degrading your hard efforts!! and saying you are not fit! for the job!!
I regard the (DI )as a Masons type org!!! exclude all others unless you fit in!!. We are all aware of the increase in herds and deer population , Thank You!
But we don't need our bottoms wiped !! and big brother nosing in! those of you who have permissions , must be squeaky clean , thus not giving the wolves a chance to take it away!!!
My 2p :evil:

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"Deer can also transmit diseases such as bovine tuberculosis and foot-and-mouth disease to livestock".

Strikes me that badgers and the Govt Animal Health Lab also does that far more effectively than deer - perhaps we should start the cull there?

Isn't it odd that there is this massively expanding deer population and apparently any number of folk coming into the stalking world looking for stalking. You would think they would cancel each other out, wouldn't you?

I wonder why they don't? Answers on a post card please. I will donate £100 to a charity of choice to anyone who can provide a plausible reason that DOESN'T involve bad management and/or paying for the privilege.
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