Have you ever regretted...................

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No but I tell you one thing I regret, every time I have to go up a steep slope....tobacco. Thank heavens I'm over it!


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Just the odd rifle. I really miss my Savage Mod12 in .223 and my Blaser in 6.5x55..........what ever came over me???


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I moved on one of my PM2's 2-12x50 Illuminated double turn turrets etc on it, although I got a Swarovski PV-N with Illum reticule I do miss not having the PM2 on my .243 :cry:

(Zaitsev) Hope you have given my scope the mounts it deserves.. ;)


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in a nutshell.
FRAX dead on there ,(but still I mither) Scotsgun comes under .Tartinjock
Rangefinder has the ball !!!Luckily smitten once am I !!! main reasons for departing kit!!!
Wirehair be careful Fran has an awesome kick.
Legal tow your own stuff you lazy git!
:lol: :lol: Trapper
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