Hawke Endurance 30 range


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Bought the 8 x 56 today & can honestly say I'm seriously impressed! It's mounted on my .270 & for a sub-£200 scope it performs really well. It feels very well-built & just has a 'solid' feel to it. I considered the 3-12 x 56 but figured it would be too much for what I needed. To be honest, the 56mm objective is probably overkill for me too, but sometimes size does matter, right? :oops:

Illuminated lR Dot reticule is pretty nice at first glance, but I've still to play around with the Hawk BR software so I have no clue about how to best utilise it for holdover, windage & ranging. I don't get the impression the central illuminated dot will cause any issues at longer ranges as I found with the No4 reticule on the Zeiss 6 x 42 I originally had on this rifle.

For the money, it's a cracking scope & I heartily recommend the Endurance range for anyone looking for a decent useable & solid scope for sensible money :thumb: