Hawke HMR specific reticle?


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Does anyone have any experience of the HMR specific reticle Hawke do on a couple of their scopes? After a new scope for the Hummer and thought this could be good? I havent really got on with mil dots in the past and remembering mil dot holdover in the heat of the moment so this could be useful, obviously once it's checked on my set up. I use a rangefinder and rarely shoot over 150-200 with it.

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I have one on my Anschutz 17/17. Found it ideal, I set it up at 100 yards zero and found it was spot on at 200! Hornady 17grn ammo. It might not work with yours but it certainly does with mine!


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Not exactly the same but i have the .22 wmr reticle on my .22 air rifle. its a reticle that is a happy compromise between mill dot (to cluttered) and just a standard duplex. i just set my zero and shot at different ranges to see where the crosses of the reticle crossed the pellet impact point.
I only really use this type of reticle when shooting from a static position but i can see it would be brilliant with the hmr shooting from a high seat or bonnet of a truck.
im sure theres a youtube clip of an american shooting to 200 yards with the 22lr version and it was point and shoot. obviously barrel length, make, bullet make and head weight may produce a slightly different trajectory as well as height between scope and centre of the bore