He stood up in the fern


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Dammit! Even I would have been confident in a 'squeeze' of the trigger............compared to your 'average' range of shots!
Mind you, what would the retrieve have been like - I mean thats when the hard work starts so gotta be worked into the 'equation'!


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Nice one John , a great looking beast , as I said I'm busy as feck doing my house ,

But ,,,,,,,,, I'm off for 2 weeks on Friday at my lodge on Anglesey , fishing and coastal activities with my tribe ,

I'm booked in for some stalking the weekend after I get back , can't feckin wait me old mucker ,

You keep um coming , he looks tasty and looks like he's enjoying the lower temps , good on him ,

You'd still get a sweat on( as you said ) hauling him out

Your posts keep me sane in times of being a dad n sorting shi8e out, to keep the tribe happy

Be well



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I could do with a change of pace myself KJ and that sounds a good spot to do so.

For you mate, a few video stills from last night,taken on dark.

View attachment 214356 View attachment 214357 View attachment 214355 View attachment 214358
Nice one John ,

Them radar ears and the chunky / thick set frame intrigues me ,

Taken from the same spot I presume , hind and stag ?, stag sniffing around after some pussy lol lol

No wonder you have a deep affection for them ,

Feck me they are big bodied feckers



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Indeed mate and you realise it when one is decked and you have to deal with it.
Done it enough time with reds lol,

N then thought ffs why!!!!!!!!!

Why ??

Because it's part of what we go out for , hard hunts equal great tucker , and also great stories with a dramme around the fire in the wild places ,

Blessed we are

Feckin blessed