Heads up. £10 off 6 bottles of wine.


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In conjunction with Carluccio's restaurant -

At Majestic wine web site enter the code CARLYJULY10

Free delivery on 6 bottles or more.

Some good offers already and a further £10 off 6 is very nice!


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Majestic is nothing more than supermarket wine. IF you want really good wine then here are a couple of pointers in the right direction....


Thank you, and I agree with your sentiments - which is why I buy most of my wine from Berry Bros & Rudd.

Quaffing juice for Monday - Friday and for irregular visitors I buy from Majestic / Waitrose / Tesco.

It was the cubes of ice in a 2010 Pouilly-Fume 1er cru that made me this way!

Being Scottish I have also been known to put Supermarket whisky and brandy in smart decanters because I'm sick of people putting coke or lemonade in the decent stuff.

Glyn 1

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One of the supermarkets had a special deal on a while ago where a half decent fizzy wine was xx off six bottles, they already had an ongoing deal which was 25% off six bottles of any wine then there was some other xx off if you used a club card and xx off if your total spend was over xx. Basically it meant that if you 'stacked' the offers, which, apparently you are able to do, and bought twelve bottles they were almost free! I wasn't sad/clever enough to work this out, it was posted on the internet and every store in the country was cleaned out within hours!

Sadly, a marathon in seven weeks means no more wine for me however cheap it is!


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Why not?

I like a good malt as much as the next man, but I'd just as happily add Coke to a Glenmorangie as I would Grouse if I was in the mood (flame me at will, lol) :D

Ooh Christ no !
Coke in a grouse or cheap blend / supermarket stuff no worries
But not in " the guid stuff"
That's sacrilege !!!
If was a malt I really couldn't handle I'd give it to someone else

As for the wine .... I love a glass of red but I'm a total novice , I've no idea what's good / bad etc .... I only know I like it or I don't ... Best o e for me I know of was bout 12 quid a bottle & chateau Neuf de pap
I was also given a " vinturi" as a birthday pressie & can say that it does make a notable difference on sharpness & smooths it out if poured through it

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Majestic is nothing more than supermarket wine.
As the supermarkets have probably had more influence in the growth of the general wine market their products cannot be that bad and if you want to spend that little more you have no problem doing that as well.
Totally agree - but I've found that the price of decent Supermarket wine has gone from around £7 a bottle to £9 to £10 a bottle so I simply do as another post suggests and wait for the 25% off deals and then take off another 5% for 6+ bottles. Then the price becomes very good.

Eddie P

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I'd break fingers if I saw my single malt being mixed. But the one exception is Laphroaig in hot chocolate.

It works well with the chocolate and you can still taste it over the top of it.