Heads up 40% off and 1/3 off sales


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I've just been dragged around town by the Good Lady chrissy shopping. However the good news is I found Blacks have a third off everything sale and Millets have a 40% off everything and Millets sell sealskinz - happy shopping


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ha ha ha,,yeah, no wonder you're getting deals at Blacks (ref. todays news), just don't expect to be able to use them for returns or exchanges! be lucky to see the name on the high street come january. JJB Sports too, they'll be goners before end of Q2 2012 I suspect.


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Millets sell sealskinz I wouldnt get to carried away they are not as good as they are made out to be,I have yet to find gloves that acctualy keep your hands DRY


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Ditto the above.I've found its better to wear skiing gloves and take one off before the shot.Sealskinz are a nightmare to put on again when wet.


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I have found their socks excellent. The trekking socks have extended the life of my lovely comfortable Le Chameau Mouflon Plus boots by another season now they have started to leak occasionally.

I agree the gloves are not so easy to get on when wet, but what gloves are? My whinge about the gloves would be that they are not warm enough and that even though I have the largest size they are a bit tight which exacerbates the lack of warmth and the putting on when wet difficulty.