Heads up for Macleods of Tain


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Just a thank you to the staff at Macleod's for great customer service and pricing. I sent a scope to them for evaluation and valuation as a possible part ex for a certain scope I'd had my eye on for a moon or two.

The regulars on SD have over the years, given them a great reputation that I was keen to experience.

Anyway I was given a really fair price for my old unit on Thursday morning and my new toy was waiting for me Friday when I got home.

In what's all too often, a please yourself world............. I'd call that outstanding.



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yep here's a thumbs up for MacLeods of Tain as well.
I recently bought an item from them that was a whole £600 pounds cheaper for the same item that I was quoted for by a company 'darn sarf'
It may have been a genuine mistake on the part of the 'Darn Sarf' company but I did ask twice but accepted the first price quoted by Macleods 'oop Norf'