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Had 2 bucks last night and just went to boil them out and my boiler has packed up anyone out there that can boil out a roe and a muntjac head for me? Quite happy to pay.


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I'd be inclined to put them into the freezer as they are i you're not too pushed for time? That would give you some breathing space

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I do mine on the gas BBQ, remove all the coals and place a large pan on the grill above the burners then put the coals back around the pan.

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Been there done that, wife wasn't happy! Something about the smell she didn't like :drool:
Add an onion, peeled and chopped into 4, takes a lot of the horrible smell away.

Just dont do what I did the first time, and leave the skin on the onion, thinking it didnt matter . The skin turned the skull brown and no amount of bleaching got the skull white again.