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Can anyone recommend some 'plug-type' hearing protection that allows you to hear ambient sounds but cuts out the noise of the rifle going off.

I've seen the custom made ones which look the part. Does anyone know of somewhere that offers these without asking funny money for them?


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Monkey Spanker said:
I know a lot of clay shooters use the Green Leopard brand:
Not sure how much they cost but they are popular.
But then -what price do you put on your hearing! :confused:
Speaking as someone who is partially deaf from unprotected exposure to shooting and machinery noise, DON'T NEGLECT YOUR HEARING!!! As Monkey Spanker says "what price do you put on your hearing" Believe me, as the old saying goes, you don't miss it 'till you aint got it :!: :!:
Cheers, Pete.

Paul 600

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Puretone Cens for me! They amplify quiet noise and cut out loud noise. Great in a high seat, you can hear the beasts coming your way!


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I've been using a pair of the EMTEC Noisebreaker in-ear plugs for the last three or four years:

http://www.noisebreaker.co.uk/product info.html

They are not electronic, but I've found them very good. I had the moulds made at one of the Game Fairs and then they sent me the plugs a week or so later. They are very comfortable in use and they cost around 60 quid as I remember.

I know a couple of other people who also use them and seem happy. I've thought of buying the electronic versions but can't really justify it. I have a couple of pairs of electronic ear defenders for when I'm loading or otherwise need to hear conversations.


Little Terry

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I have just had my impressions taken for a set of fitted ones from Emtec, the same as willie_gunn. I went up to their place in Shreswbury. They should be here this week.

Cost was £75 all in.


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Like Monkey Spanker I use Green Leopard ear plugs - the type that supress the noise of a shot but allow you to hear conversation. They are extremely comfortable to wear even for long periods. I use them for deer stalking, game and clay shooting - no complaints.

They cost me around £65 at a game fair 3 years ago. You could buy the electronic ones for £100+ which amplify sounds but I'm not sure if there worth it.

I am thinking of buying a moderator for my 0.243" Sauer 202 Outback but would still take them along just in case.




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Willie said:
Like Monkey Spanker I use Green Leopard ear plugs
Same here. Forget about the electronic versions. The audio circuitry actually needs to be tuned to your individual ear for optimum performance. The stuff installed in the budget to mid price range ear plugs is not capable of the necessary tuning and adjustment. Which has to done following an audio test by a trained technician.

You have to be willing to spend in the region of £500-£600 per set to get a set that actually goes what you need them to do.


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I've been using emtechs [great service]for 12years now. excellent, althogh look around as not everyone finds them comfy

I find the plugs do start iritating my ear after a while so also use traditional "ear muffs", if these are carried on your head and then just slipped on before you shoot, works well and like everything else can be a pain untill you make it a habit, I asure you it is a lot less of a pain than being deaf!

I would plead with anyone starting out in stalking to start wearing ear protection, I have paid the price of not using it , I can only save whats left.
I can only blame myself and I assure you there was nothing matcho about being given a hearing aid @ 30

I'll get off that soapbox now :lol:

Paul 600

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bambislayer said:
I would plead with anyone starting out in stalking to start wearing ear protection, I have paid the price of not using it , I can only save whats left.
I can only blame myself and I assure you there was nothing matcho about being given a hearing aid @ 30

Good advice! I will only let my trainee's out on the ground if they have ear defense!

my puretones were £550 :cry: but the company paid for them! :lol:



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I also use EMTECs but find they don't offer enough protection when using unmoderated rifles (ears still ring after) - they are fine with my moderated .243 or a shottie though.


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Got a set of Green Leapords myself, use them for game shooting. Ok for noise reduction but not that good for hearing conversation but in fairness I have already lost half my hearing due to unprotected shooting for 2 years over 30 years ago.

Mine have small tubes inserted in them for the hearing but are not electronic. Due to my very small ear opening they are now starting to break up, when they do I may go back to electronic muffs depending on what else is them on the market.



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I also have very narrow ear canals, which make the moulded plugs either very uncomfortable or completely useless.

On range and clay-ground, I use proper muff-type ear-defenders, but I have several pairs of http://www.pentagondirect.com/p/vitrex-30-3065-ear-caps1-vitrex-30-3065-ear-caps these, which I use for game-shooting and stalking. They're cheap, unobtrusive, and for stalking are every easy to wear around the neck, popping them in only when a shot is about to be taken.


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emtecs for me to,used them for about 5 or 6 years now and no problems.even when i have been on the range with my .308 and .223 with no sound mod on.well worth a look at.most of my mates have them.


I have had emtecs and green leopard(static and electronic) I bought the emtecs about 10 years ago and the GL's about 7 years ago. Don't waste money on the emtecs, save up and buy an electronic pair of gl's and they do a pair of statics for free (they did for me anyway). Your hearing is a sense essential to shooting, what price do you put on it. I am only 38 and already have severely impaired hearing from shooting from a very young age. I never ever fire a gun without ear protection now, I think my electronics cost around £600 at the time, worth every penny though and they actually amplify other sounds as well. I would replace them tomorrow without a thought if needed.



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I have shot of and on for 40 years with shot guns, 12 shots with 3006 and 12 with 270 wearing traditional sonic ear plugs had tinitus for 2 weeks, just had hearing dest and have significant hearing loss. Good protection is essential right from the outset. Like glass get the best you can afford. tom