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For Sale: Hebridean holiday accommodation - some videos


Well-Known Member
I knocked up a few videos for the cottage web site and thought I might as well post them here as a wee advert, the cottage web site is here:

Dollag's Cottage at 7 South Shawbost

Both were shot in April (except for the wee pan at the end of the first one which was shot last November) and were just holiday snaps really but when changing the cottage over between guests just over a week ago I took the opportunity to get in and do some interior video of the cottage. The video starts with the flight up from Inverness and a few general views of the two beaches that flank the cottage plus some other stuff. As you might imagine the countryside isn't looking at its best in April as the new growth hasn't started to come through yet but even so I think it has an appeal if you like the wild places:

Dollags Cottage - YouTube

The second one starts in a similar way but doesn't take long before it turns into a little fishing trip down the river. I was lucky enough to get a fishing pass for the day and to get a springer before the sun came out. We fish for salmon with trout rods here as the rivers are small so we don't need big rods, heavy lines and huge flies. This fish came on a 7 weight trout rod and what amounts to a Silver Stoat variant in about a size 10 or 12:

Dollags Cottage early season salmon fishing - YouTube

So, if you are looking for a spring holiday destination for next year, or an autumn break this year, be sure to have a look around the cottage web site and get in touch to see what is available.

Uncle Norm

Well-Known Member
We stayed at Dollag's Cottage from 24th June to 1st July 2017. I would highly recommend the cottage. It is kept spotlessly clean, very well equipped with all modern appliances and toasty warm for if the weather turns cold.

Dollanna, the owner, is exceptionally helpful and a warm welcome awaits her visitors. Our Caorach is indeed a lucky chap to have such a charming girlfriend.

I had not fly fished for several years but Caorach did his very best to make sure that I caught a few of those lovely little wild brownies.

Lewis has a charm of its own and the people are very friendly too. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.