Sold: Heck Pack Game Transporter -


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I’ve had one of these for 3-4 years now and it’s had some fallow deer and boar in it, it’s never faltered

That’s a quality piece of kit, I’ve cut down 2 plasterers baths to 8” so I can open the back doors on my patrol the cover you can get easy enough seals it in nicely with a nylon drain board inside - I don’t have anything I’ve grassed inside the motor - these do the job

Good bit of kit at a decent price, someone will get a real bargain, I love mine

Good luck with sale



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Excellent service, now collected. It's as new, in pristine condition.
It is a little heavier than I thought and as the 'down weight' on my tow ball has a maximum of 50kg I may have a problem.
I will weigh it tomorrow and see what weight I can carry up to it's 50kg limit. I might get away with a couple of skinny Roe ;) if not I may have to put it back up for sale again.
I have a detachable tow ball on one of the new Discovery's so may not be as sturdy as a fixed ball so don't want to take any chances.


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I'll know tomorrow, it's a shame really as it is as new. I seem to remember one with a shallower tray so probably not as heavy as this one.
As for covers and trays, a Plaster's bath and sheet of poly will do the trick quite easily.
These are quite popular abroad for transporting hunting dogs, with a built on kennel of course, or game collected from the field.