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Last night whilst sat in the garden @ 11 ish I heard a rustling sound coming from under the large rear hedge, at first thought it was a cat out hunting so waited a while then slowly out of the hedge pops a youngish looking hedgehog, I had to hold the dog back as he thought it was probably a cat. I sat and watched it for @ 1/2 an hour just mooching around and eating the many slugs we have, then went in and left it to it's night time hunting. Only reason I put this up is because it is the first one I have seen for many many years and it brought a little smile to my face just watching it going about it's business.

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I'd never seen one alive until last year, now I see them quite often. Usually cured up in a ball in my garden while one or both of my dogs tries to dig them up...
The teckel found one in the gap behind the kennel the other night, couldn't get the little sod to come off for love nor money. He eventually got bored of spikes in the face and came back. I saw the hedgehog on the lawn later mooching about thankfully unscathed. Now every time I let the dog out after dark he goes straight to the kennel and has a peek behind in case it's come back :doh:


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I've had two in my garden quite often until recently, I put down peanuts and wheat and that draws the slugs which in turn draws the hedgehogs.
In my younger days hedgehogs always curled up into a tight ball when approached but these have actually looked up at me and carried on sniffing the ground.
Just lately only one has appeared so I reckon one must have tried to cross a road somewhere and met it's maker.
I tried to touch one of them on the nose and got within a couple of mm before it pulled back but after a short while came out again.
I am almost convinced that wild life can tell if humans have malicious intent and behave accordingly.

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A few years back we would see hedgehogs all the time on a night and every morning on the roads there would be new casualties. Sadly now we seldom see a hedgehog, even the roads show little sign of them.

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My dogs found a baby in October last year. It was quite obviously too young to survive the winter so I rolled it into my game bag and brought it home. Me Julie looked up the local Hedgehog rescue and took it to the lady in Ipswich the next morning. Apparently, female hedgehogs are rubbish mothers and if they lose their first litter they have a second, regardless of it being too late for any to survive the winter. That one will have been the only one to survive last winter out of his litter? To think that we used to see them all the time when we were kids but now they're something I point out to the kids because they're so rare!


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I've only seen one hedgehog this year where I would normally encounter at least half a dozen or more on a night time.
I accept that badgers are experts at unrolling, killing and eating hedgehogs but I suspect that there is a little more involved in the decline of the hedgehog population throughout the country than just the badgers!


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Ive seen about ten/twelve dead in last three or four weeks on roads near me,one in garden ,and two roaming the street,shame we used to see them nearly everynight,


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We have been really lucky over the past 18 months since moving to our new house as we have been fortunate to see many hedgehogs of all sizes very regularly. Our dogs now ignore then and accept them as shared owners of the garden. They totally ignore them and just walk past them. They are one of the few wild animals that make me smile every time I see one. :D Regards SBM


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My old GWP used to retrieve a hedgehog for me at least once a week when on their last walk of the evening. About 5 years ago we had a litter of hedgehogs born in the shrubs right at the front door and watching the babies venturing out onto the lawn was brilliant. Then nothing. Saw a young hedgehog a couple of nights ago and that is the first for a long, long time. As others have indicated, an abundance of badgers round here.