Hello again!

Hi all,

I've been an active member on here for a while but thought I'd do a fresh intro as I have just gone self employed and become a trader on here.

I have been cleaning heads for friends and myself for years and over the last couple of years been offering it as a service to fellow stalkers from all over the UK. I am fairly well known on social media so some of you may have seen my work already (MDH Skull & Trophy Preparation Services). I have also recently taken on the skull cleaning for several pro stalkers' clients heads so theres a chance I may even do your heads already haha! I will be doing a proper advert in the near future with a list of my prices but if you have any heads you want doing feel free to give me a shout in the meantime.

On top of all this I also buy heads to clean up to send to skull collectors and museums so if you ever shoot any deer/goats or whatever it may be, please give me a shout instead of throwing the heads in a hedge bottom and I'll give you some ££ for them!

Wish me luck haha!


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Matt has done a few heads for me now, a very good service with an excellent turnaround time, often just a few days. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his work.