Hello all


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Hello folks

I'm from South Devon nowadays and newly getting into stalking, just having had a very kind chap agree to act as mentor. Wife and 7 kids need feeding so rabbits just ain't big enough!

Previously shooting airgun/shotgun since I could stand up then Regt and Corps shooting teams in the army. Only just finished my first FAC having been lead to believe that it was too much hassle to go co terminous. Kicking myself that it took so long but enjoy popping the hopping rats and foxes with my little .17hmr, with my renewal just put in for a variation for .243 to begin deer stalking - FEO's recommendation - also my main rabbit/fox farm is only cleared up to .243 I do plan to step up to a .308 later on in the game 12/18months sort of time after doing my DSC1. Finances allowing. I also enjoy target shooting and most outdoorsy stuff.

Looking forward to learning from everyone and filling the freezer.