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hi my names darren i live in cumbria and do most kinds of shooting deerstalking, roughshooting,wildfowling and foxing(been doing this since my dad gave me a webley and scott bolt action 410 in 1978.when i was 8 :p no wonder my shoulders are knackered:doh:)
i currently own .22 theoben fenman,.22 sako finnfire+sak mod,sako .223 S491+wildcat mod ,sako 75 .243+ a-tec mod and a benelli sl123 5 shot and am on the lookout for a nice cheap sako .308, as you've probably gathered i like sakos:) i do most of my shooting with my father on land we have sole sporting rights but are in the process of watching the land being decimated by cumbria wildlife and nasty england(seems they don't like trees and deer ):(:( so if anyone out there is aware of any available deerstalking please contact me. i joined the bds about 12 months ago and have been to one meeting and a rangeday and also a border stalkers range day and was really suprised by the pleasant and friendly atmosphere with everbody offering advice and tips:D so with that in mind i thought i'd join the forum and join in the chat:)

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Welcome aboard.

Down play the Sako thing - we've just got the Blaser owners 'content' in their own little fantasy world :p and we dont want them driving Sako prices up....;)

Enjoy the forum!