hello all


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I found out about about this forum from a friend just the other day... i turned on my computer and looked it up. I was very impressed with what i was reeding. There seems to be alot of very helpfull people out there..
I am pretty new to stalking , did my dsc 1 at Barronscourt N Ireland in feb 2008 , about 30 miles west from where i live.
I am a keen wildfowler and do most of my shooting on lough Neagh, but have over this last couple of years grown a ( my wife says "obsession") very healthy interest in stalking. I have been on a couple of stalks with other stalkers and cant wait to get out there myself..
I have a Steyr .223rem which I shoot alot of foxes for local farmers with, seems to be a good tool for the job....... I reciently bought a stalking rifle, still waiting on the return of the FAC (whats new in NI ) its a Howa 1500 in .270 , most of my stalking will be Reds. Hope it up to the job..
Im sure i will get to know some of you guys in the future and am looking forward to learning some usefull stuff...


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welcome to the site mcstalk,i shot on lough neagh last january with 2 fellas last january.my mate may have done his dsc1 with you at baronscourt.there are some really helpfull members on here,enjoy mate.

the scudd

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Glad to see you made it,plenty of helpfull lads on hereand always lots of interesting debates.
A.T.B. The scudd.