Hello all

The Lucky Hunter


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My first post! would have been sooner, but work keeps interrupting!

Me: 29, live in Essex, first stalk 3yrs ago (in Wester Ross, baptism of fire!), did DSC1 last year.

Have learnt & enjoyed much from here, and hope to put something back in soon.

All the best, Ben


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Welcome ben. Dont be shy to ask any questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question remember :D :D


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Hello Ben, welcome I hope you find the site informative. They are not a bad bunch on here, and please dont be embarrased about asking questions, look forward to hearing from you. :D




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welcome ben,
questions are good as you hav so many helpfull members at you disposal that are willing to help if and when they can, this is what makes this site so good ,


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Hi Ben,
Ask away, I've only been stalking about the same length of time as you, but theres many here who stalked unicorns!


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welcome to the site ben,im sure you will enjoy it on here there are some really good guys on here who will go out of there way to help you mate.im new to stalking been a member on here for over 12 months now and im on here everyday now im hooked and yet to grass one yet.but im glad i found this site to gain knowledge first before just going out there and getting ripped off.


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As above welcome Ben, kick your shoes off and relax with a good single malt and ask away mate! :D