hello every one


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Hello everyone

Finally got my own laptop, so here goes, Live in sheffield,been shooting an fishing for about 30 years, stalking for about last 6 years,
Do lots of foxing,Rabbiting ect, use a .22hornet on charlie and .243 on deer,got roe stalking in n yorks, and do a bit of muntjac and fallow,usually down in hampshire, always willing to learn more and looking foreward to getting involved in the site discussions,any members live in Syorks? be good to hear from some fellow northern boys! anyway off for a bit of bunny bashing now,so cheers for now,glad ive joined at last.


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Welcome to the site Hornet

Im a newbie too but everyone is very welcoming, im not too far from you in Hucknall.



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cheers lads

thanks to Basil and Deamo for welcoming me to the site, nice to see another member from round my neck of the woods Deamo, feel free to pm me an let me know what kinda shooting ur into as well as stalking, I love me wildfowling to, bet theres plenty of lads that share that passion as well,once again cheers lads, by for now.


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Hello and welcome to the site Hornet ;)

I live just north of Sheffield. There`s buggerall deer wise up this neck of the woods :( , so i do my stalking up Scotland on a pals bit, oh, and went to Scotland with a very kind member of this site in October. ;)

Hi there, im only down the road in Worksop, do lots of driven game shooting and a bot of duck flighting on one of the shoots, just starting to get into stalking to give me shooting all year round. Looking to this site for the knowledge to give me what i need to get my DSC1.