Hello Folks


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Hello Folks,

Just thought I would let you know I am here.

I do have a Firearms licence, for a lovely .22 Anschutz Match1864 style, fully adjustable and a jacket and sling that fit "just right".
I have not done any deer shooting yet, but would like to. The only trouble is that being in Essex, with the current delays by the Firearms Department, asking them to add another calibre to my licence could take forever. At the moment, I just go to places I am invited to, watch, learn and ask questions afterwards with a cuppa.

Most everything else is summed up briefly in my profile.

I do have dogs, but strictly pets, Both Female King Charles Cavaliers. Ruby-Rose the youngest and Lillie-May the eldest. They live with us in an old manor house and are brilliant ratters, although I don't really like their presents at six in the morning being presented to me, especially if I am sitting down in my dressing gown and they are so proud they jump on my lap with the bloody thing!
At least they are always dead.

If you have ever seen a King Charles ratting, it is a site to behold, no messing, roll back flaps that normally cover teeth, grab back of neck of rat and shake like you have never seen. Broken neck in probably under a couple of seconds!!!
Yes, when asleep or playing with you or children, they have their tails pulled, ears pulled, you can try anything, but I have never seen either of them bare their teeth at a human, ever, those flaps always stay in place!
They are incredibly loyal, they seem to know when you are feeling even just a bit "off colour" and if you have a baby in the room, will sit and guard all day! New person comes in, approaches Baby, very gentle soft deep growl, never a bark, just a growl.
Also very obedient. Easy to teach, the earlier the easier. I am not obsessed by them one little bit!

I adore magic and illusions. I have a reasonable repertoire of close up and stage. But I mainly enjoy teaching now, to serious learners.
I take it very seriously and am a lapsed member of the Magic Circle of London and the Home Counties Magic Society.

Like I say, I would love to move up, however, Essex Police Firearms team, and what follows is just a personal experience from applying for my first Firearms licence and that of friends in the same club as mine, so like I say, just my personal opinion.

I used to hold the record for an application at 53 weeks on the nail, but a friend in the same club who was renewing his shotgun licence has applied for a Firearms Licence at the same time, still not got his renewed shotgun licence and is now on his third 6 month extension, although after the second extension he was told, it would be a matter of weeks now............
Make of it what you will. They have at least admitted delays now on their website, but still quote about 40 weeks I think, not too sure.

Well, that's about it. Nice and very interesting to be here. Not my first visit, but I thought if I am reading so much I ought to register to be fair! Not that I will have much to say I don't think, with no experience!
But it will be a learning curve for me, and reading here, I am sure will help me make my mind up.

So Hi to everyone and I already know that this is a friendly board, which I like very much, there are too many forums out there that are rubbish, in my personal opinion of course! :)

Take care, stay safe and well,