Hello folks.


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I've been on the forum for about a week, but haven't introduced myself until now, I just spotted the new sticky and thought I'd better get on with it.

I live and stalk in Staffordshire, I'm 31 and have been stalking for about 5 years.
I'm currently using a 7x57 for everything, I recently sold a .270 having never really taken a shine to the calibre.
I try to get up to Scotland a couple of times a year and also stalk occasionally in Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex and anywhere else I'm invited. ;)
I've had my DSC1 for a while now and am looking to finish my level 2 in 2009.


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Hello and welcome to the site. It is good when people introduce themselves, they usually end up with a few contacts right from scratch.



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welcome and look forward to reading your posts, Im with you had the DSC1 for some time just one DSC 2 stalk to complete which all being well will be in the new year,