Hello from an aspiring London stalker

Pine Marten

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Hello everyone!

After years of wanting to take up deerstalking, I've finally taken the plunge and have registered to do the DSC1 course in Sevenoaks next February. I realise that people usually acquire some more experience beforehand, but as kids will probably be on the scene relatively shortly, the chances of being able to go away for four days to pursue my hobby may become pretty rare, so I'm doing that while I can.

I'm not actually a total novice. I've done a lot of target shooting a few years back, and I've been a wildfowler and roughshooter for years now, so I know my way around a rifle and am up to speed on safety and so on. Admittedly, I have never shot through a scope. I'd even claim to have a degree of woodcraft, since my woodland shooting is in effect stalking woodcock and other small game, as I don't have a dog to do it for me. I quite often come across deer in this way, although never a wild boar (they're obviously there though).

I hope to pick up lots of helpful advice here, and make some friends, perhaps even find someone to take me stalking at some point!

I look forward to our discussions.