Hello from Birmingham

Hi folks I’m Andy! I was introduced to hunting by my uncle over 15 years ago, however I started hunting on my own about 5 years ago, mainly roe and red deer, boars, foxes, pheasants etc. Last year I had my first fallow pricket taken in Wales. I’ve been travelling to Poland for most of my hunting but now I want to become more involved into stalking over here …. so here I’m :)
Czesc Mike, This one was taken in Poland in June last year. Have you ever hunted in Poland I can see you know the language? :)


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Tak, mowiem po Polsku. Unfortunately no, never hunted in Poland - have plenty of family in the Wroclaw area but no shooting/hunting contacts. Seems much more difficult to get invitations or to buy hunting in Poland despite my family contacts over there than it does over here so I gave up trying a few years ago.
I think I know what you are talking about....It is a shame....But never say never mate there is quite a few of us over here who goes hunting over to PL we meet up every now and then also we have joined our enthusiasm and formed Polish Hunters Association in the UK - not big, informal group of people sharing the same passion and facing similar problems etc. (all good lads) feel welcome to come along to our meeting and we will get you sorted with some hunting over there mate!