Hello from Canada

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I was just puttering about and ran across this forum.
I belong to a couple others in Canada, the states and Africa.
Its nice to see how others are getting on and to read of others experiences and perspectives on all things hunting.

I'm in my 40's, military and have enjoyed hunting and shooting sports since childhood.

I'm not sure how it works in the UK but here its quite common for boys to begin actively hunting small game by age 5 or 6 and large game as soon as they can shoulder a suitable rifle.

If I can get a tag/license/permit I will and have hunted almost all species common to Canada.

This fall my wife and I will be after Canada's, and ducks, grouse and Whitetailed Deer.
She's never shot a large buck and my focus will be on helping her fill her tag this year.
Over Christmas I hope to get out for some wolf hunting and maybe Black Bear in the spring.

Most of our hunting is done on Crown land in north central Alberta or in the mountains to the west.
Her favorite caliber is 7mm-08 and mine is 30-06 depending upon my mood.
(I'm a bit of a gun nut...and sometimes...its hard to choose...lol)

Anyway... I'm looking forward to popping in and sharing tales with everyone.

Hopefully...we'll all find nice fat crankers this fall.:)

Pine Marten

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Hello and welcome! I use a 7mm-08 too. What species have you used yours for? It's my dream to one day go on a horseback moose hunt in the Yukon, although I'd upgrade to a larger rifle for that! It's not particularly likely to happen until I win the Lotto anyway, but you have to have a dream...
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