Hello from Cornwall

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Hello everyone

I am a new member from Cornwall, the best county in the UK but unfortunately the one with the least deer!

Consequently to stalk I venture over the border into England and further afield. I have a good friend who is a deer manager in Somerset so stalk roe there, Scotland most years in October and wherever else my fancy takes me. Hunted in South Africa for a few years, can't wait to get back! Have stalked sika in Ireland and boar in France, also boar with the illustrious blaser 3006.

I also shoot pheasants in a diy syndicate and my other passion is woodcock, something we do have plenty of in Cornwall.

Happy to hear from anyone in Kernow or further afield.



Hay Eric, not quite in Kernow, I'm just over the boarder in Devon about 10 miles from Plymouth. Nice to see some other shots from the Deep South West on here!


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Hi Cornishman,,,from another cornishman. I'm up by Duchy College Stoke Climsland if you know it. I too am in a DIY pheasant shoot and have just got a slot for .243 to start stalking but am still looking for a gun, Been foxing for years so time to try something bigger. Looking to do DSC1 in new year and am told they run one at Bodmin. seems several southwest shooters on here.

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