hello from cumbria

Chris S

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Just thought id say hello and and introduce myself.
Im 38 and live in cumbria married 2 kids number 3 on the way.Ive been shooting for about 10 years or so. Only now applying for variation for centre fire,maybe 6.5x55 or 243 not sure yet as im hoping to start deer stalking.So im a bit green. please be nice and give me lots of help and advice :)


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Hello Chris S,

Welcome to the site, don't be afraid to ask questions someone will help you out, it's a friendly place.

Now 243 or 6.5X55, I have both but if it could only be one then it would be the 6.5, more than capable of dealing with anything this Country can produce.



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Have to agree with JAYB on the calibre (although I am a 270 man myself :eek: ) anyway welcome to the site, ask away we are all willing to help in anyway we can.


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Hi Chris,
Another member from not to far away up hrere in the north!, you find loads of good advice on here.



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Hello from the other side of the pennines, also with 3 kids and just getting into stalking.

The only advice I'd offer is get your land/permissions arranged first and see what the land is cleared for. You might not get an open ticket if it's your first centrefire, and they may restrict you to shooting up to what the land has been cleared for only.

If it's English minimum 240 then that makes your choice for you.



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Yes must admit have to agree after looking to upgrade from a 243 for me had to be the 270 shot the 308 and the 270 for me 270 was flatter and just happier all round with 270 just personal choice.