Hello from Hampshire.

My names Colin, I live in Hampshire, Been deer stalking for many years. And I am a Gundogs Breeder. Looking to meet new friends with same interests on site.i shoot with a Blaser .308 and Sako .243.
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Hi and welcome.
I am also from Hampshire and started stalking back in the distant past (1980's) and also interested in gundogs.
Presently own a 3 year old HWV .

Hi, I have a GWP her name is Lily she is a trained deer dog.I also do fishing I have three commercial fishing boats moored in the Hamble River, I am retired now and my grandson fishes one boat and my son fishes the other boat. All the catch goes to Brixham and then down to Spain.
Jeez, from Hampshire AND you shoot a Blaser. You won't go down well here.
from another Hampshireite with a Blaser. :D
But the 30.06 barrel rarely gets dragged out as it is overkill on Munties and roe.

IMHO of course.


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I reckon us Hampshireite's need to organise a social get together or if anyone is going to Sparsholt on Sept 13th we could at least put faces to names.



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Hi from another Hampshire-ite. Just down the road from warsash, Titchfield common. The game management evening looks good, I will try to go but think work might get in the way.