Hello from Kent

Hello everyone,

I have just recently joined the stalking directory and wanted to say hello. A little back ground on my interests, I was raised on a farm (and still involved in agriculture as an advisor), I mainly use shot guns and use air rifles in pest control.

My main interests normally lead a good 50/50 in rough shooting and bushcraft, so a few of my future post maybe more blade orientated. I am heavily involved in land-based sectors, including science (all branches, and used to a lecturer), forestry, agriculture, agricultural safe guarding and pollution prevention. When I get a moment, I also like to make a few things, including a few knives, which I will be happy to re-home, as i get more enjoyment in making them than using them, and have far to many to use in a dozen lifetimes

Happy to be contacted and advanced thank you to the other members here.


Roedeer 1962

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Welcome from Herne Bay not far from you theres alot of interesting things on here for you enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!
I always though so too, but now that I have been making a few, the draw and cases are getting very very weighty. I will post a few picks of the latest at some point

thanks for the welcome